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Room air freshener adapted to be used in connection with a register vent. The structure of the freshener is especially formed to be attached to the vent register and includes a formed handle adapted to keep the freshener material adjacent to the grid of the register vent. A certain range in the amount of mass of the freshener is required for a certain volume of air for best operation of the freshener.

This invention pertains to air fresheners such as may be used in rooms required to be heated or cooled for living or working. It is related to the device described in applicant's co-pending application. In contrast to that device, the present invention includes specific forms for attachment to vents used to vent air from building furnaces or air conditioners into room areas.

Unpleasant odors are frequent in many rooms in houses and places of work. Typical of such rooms would be restrooms, bathrooms, rooms designed for entrance into farm houses from livestock units, rooms specifically designated for use by tobacco smokers, etc. The distress caused by such odors can be alleviated by use of various types of air fresheners including such as may be hanging in the air in the room or which can be placed in receptacles.

By the present invention, the freshener material can be introduced into the room by being carried in the air from an air conditioner or a forced air type furnace. The air freshening material is carried on a clip which is readily fastened into the usual type of outlet vent register for such a unit, and this assures that the air freshening material is properly spread throughout the room. The clip is designed to hold itself in place on the register.

It is also necessary that the clip be designed to provide a proper relationship between the mass of the clip and the volume of air passing through the clip. The clip is designed to provide for such proper relation.

To insert the clip, then, the legs are inserted between the louvers and straddling the control vane. The process of insertion is continued until the sloping neck part of the handle reaches the louvers. At that time, the clip will be tilted relative to the register as the clip is further inserted until the tongue can be inserted between a pair of adjacent louvers. At that time the clip should be in a working plane contact with the tips of the louvers opposite the outer surface of the register. The handle can then be pressed into a place so that the tongue extends to the adjacent louver to hold the entire clip in place. When this point is reached, the clip is again free of the control vane of the register so that the slot is no longer of great consequence except as it relates to the amount of space through which the air passes.

It should also be noted that by the formation of the handle having the sloped portion 13, the use of the device in a ceiling register is made easy. After insertion, the body of the freshener will simply lie against the louvers which form the slots in the register, and when removal becomes desirable, that removal is made easy by the shape of the handle.

The opening provides an expedient by which the clip may be adapted to an alternative use on a ceiling fan. It will be readily apparent that the clip can be used on the stem of such a fan simply by spreading the legs to open the slot slightly and to straddle the stem. As the clip is moved, the stem slides into the opening. This can be proportioned to fit snugly over any standard fan stem and the clip thus held in place in a position substantially perpendicular to the axis of the fan stem. Motion of the air as induced by the fan can then cause that air to pick up the scent from the clip and spread the scent around the room.

Thus, the invention provides an air freshener adapted to different uses in a convenient inexpensive clip form.
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Room Air Freshener

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This article was published on 2010/12/13